Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remembering to Dream

I confess that my husband refers to me as "ADD/OCD." He claims (somewhat rightfully) that I get really excited (to the point of obsession) about something, and then I fairly quickly lose interest and move on to something else to obsess over. He has a point. Some things have stuck with me, though--like quilting, and such. Other things, not so much: my fascination with fountain pens, for example.

I recently came up with a plan that allows me to eat at gourmet restaurants. See, as great as my hubby is, he doesn't really care for the super-fine dining I'd like to try out. I corralled a couple of girlfriends into being my dining partners, and we are having our first comestible outing next week. I'm delighted, and both my friends seem excited, too! Suddenly, I'm dreaming up big plans! Monthly visits to fine restaurants, all of us taking a cooking class together, even perhaps a gastronomic weekend tour of somewhere awesome. I have no idea what will become of our group, honestly. Even just one really great dinner together is worthwhile.

I'm enjoying the dreaming phase of this project formation. It's a great time--infinite possibilities, no roadblocks yet. Maybe this is what I crave when I switch from project to project.

How do you dream? How do you approach your projects?

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