Monday, July 20, 2009


I was invited on a business retreat last week (which was wonderful, and the content of it would fill several more blog posts!). In the process, I was introduced to a wonderful book called Bringers of the Light by Neale Donald Walsch (who wrote the Conversations with God books).

The very first step in the book is about declaring your purpose in life. Walsch puts forward an interesting (and powerful) proposal: That your purpose in life is something you decide, not something that you search for or is revealed to you. Decide what your purpose is! To me, this is a subtle but tremendous mind shift.

I've been working on clarifying my purpose for the past few days. When I decided on it, it seemed that it was simultaneously revealed to me! At first it seemed incomplete, then I thought that maybe my purpose is really that simple.

And here it is: My purpose is joy. Joy for me, joy for others. My work supports joy, and I seek it out wherever I am.

What is your purpose?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A thought

My horoscope (of all things) had these very wise words today (I'm paraphrasing):

To get where want to go, you must be willing to turn a corner.

What corners have you turned in your life? What corners are coming up?