Thursday, May 28, 2009


“There is power of momentum. You enjoy a small accomplishment, and the positive satisfaction it gives you sets you up for an even bigger and better accomplishment, which further increases the positive momentum.

Small things can make a big difference, because even the small things define the direction of your momentum. When you're thankful and joyous about the modest successes, they begin 
to build into bigger successes.

Because negative momentum can be just as strong, it often takes a lot of effort to make even the smallest move in a positive direction. Yet it is worth all the effort, because even with 
that small move you have effectively turned the power of momentum in your favor.

Once momentum is moving in your direction, you begin to get more and more positive results from each effort. Start small, get momentum working for you, and there's no limit to how 
far you can go.”  

--Ralph Marston

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Hope said...

A very good, and very timely reminder - thanks!